Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More voting trouble - university photo competition

My university is running a photo competition and I spent a considerable amount of time choosing which photos to submit.

It turns out I probably shouldn't have bothered, as the competition is badly flawed.

It is to be decided by student vote, which not only makes it likely that the person with he most friends will win*, but the voting system chosen does not work well.

To vote, one has to navigate through hundreds of photos one at a time. On each one, it is possible to select that photo as a preferred choice or not. There is no limit to how many can be chosen, which is not ideal. But the worst thing is that this takes so long, that despite making a serious effort, I could not get to the end of the pool (but was still able to submit my partial selection). This means it is biased towards photos put near the start. It doesn't take a statistics graduate to work this out.

 * perhaps that's an intentional lesson in real life

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